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Man it's been a long time senice i updated this page. So i guess if you ever check this place out, your in for a treat. Nothing much with change really but just look on.

First i got rid of my old guestbook and got a new one so if you signed the old one...sign the new one. ^_^

Next, Well let's see. For the Anime Review i will do three titles instead of just one. I just felt like doing three this time so stop buy and get my ideas on some good anime.

Well the stories are old. No new things added to that. All i can say is deal with it. I am trying to update the story with the new chapters that i wrote but that will take time on my part.

For the Video Games section i got 4 new reviews. Now N64, and playstation i got current games. But as for the Saturn. I got a old, but good game. ^_^

New pics are all around and new links. So please take a look and enjoy. Sign my guestbook and leave a e-mail addy and i will mail ya. See ya!

Tenko 4/17/99

On to my work!!

Anime Reviews
This is about anime and some stuff about me!!
My Story's
Well people the first Chapter of the Tenko Saga is done..Tenko's past. Check it out! ^_^
A little about Tenko...
This is a page that describes how i got the name Tenko. It is important to know if you fight in the Jurai Arena at AE.
Video Games
I try to give a honest review of games on a number of different platforms!

Tenko's Small Universe
Leave a message and i will get back to ya.

Tenko's Picks ^_^

Jaichan's Place o' strange things!
She has great fan. ficts. here folks! Come here if you need some writing insperation!
The way of the Budokau: Path of the begginer...
This is a site for AE Arena fighters, made by my friend Galford, this is a cool site to check out and you might even learn a thing or too.
Animeigo Chat Room
This is the site to come too. Meet new friends, and interesting people! ^_^
Anime Web Turnpike
The best place to find out anything you are looking for dealing with Anime!!!
Anio Anime
This is a site made by a good friend from AE named Luna. She is a nice girl so take a look and sign her guestbook!
Lady Cougar's Links
A site with some links to some cool places! ^_^
Duckie's Anime Mine
This is a site Made by my friend Duckie-chan. A very good site. And one of the best backgrounds i have seen. ^_^
A list of links to my Friends at AE!
If you want to see some great pages. Please come here. My friends work hard on there pages so take a look. All the people here chat at Animeigo along with me. Enjoy. And sign there guestbook. Thanks.
A great site to fine out the latest on new and upcoming games!
Anime and more!!
This is a site made buy a sweetgirl named Dianamoon. It has great poems on it.

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